Tipps zur Auswahl der idealen Größe von Marmortreppen

Safety is the most important thing that should be given priority in all aspects of home design. In terms of stair design, as the size and shape of stairs are different in each space, the optimal size is also different.

1. Step height: For ordinary stairs, the height of the steps should be 15cm. If the height exceeds 18cm, it is easy to feel tired when climbing the stairs.

2. Step width: In general, the tread width is preferably 27-30cm.

3. Step slope: The slope of indoor stairs is generally 20°- 45°, and the optimal slope is about 30°. If there are elderly people or children at home, it is recommended that the slope should be 14°- 27°.

4. Railing post spacing: The spacing between the railing posts of the stairs should consider the possibility of getting children’s head stuck, noting the distance that either the child’s head cannot enter or can freely pass through. The post spacing should be about 8cm, which can be adjusted according to your own need.

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