SSL Interception

Safety is always a kind of cat and mouse game, and therefore requires speed and professional tools. Cyan Networks has been a leader in active IT security systems and has continuously developed its Secure Web software. One of these developments is SSL Interception. Data encryption with SSL is a common standard for the transfer of sensitive data and therefore widespread. But what if there is a Trojan hidden in the encrypted data stream that thus gets into the corporate network? The effort and cost for the removal of this always particularly tricky malicious code is high. Therefore it is important to intercept malicious communications in SSL encrypted data streams at a preliminary stage. This is precisely where the SSL Interception feature from Cyan Networks operates. It interrupts the encrypted connections at the very entrance into the company, the gateway and makes the data packets visible to virus scanners and other filters for screening. The transfer of all data remains of course encrypted. Secure Web from Cyan Networks comprehensively protects all your employees who are online and your corporate network. For all decision-makers who are interested, Cyan Networks provides a free 30-minute webinar on the subject of SSL interception and system security. For your personal webinar appointment, please e-mail with your contact information to the sales team at Cyan Networks:
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