Papertech expanding its service capabilities in Europe through Roptec®

Papertech systems in a paper mill.

For the industry leading camera supplier Papertech Inc., Roptec® is now the exclusive European service partner for Papertech”s WebInspector® web inspection and WebVision® web break monitoring products. Based in the Central European city of Stolberg, close to Aachen, Germany, Roptec® provides fast and qualified service on-site.

The number of Papertech European web inspection and web analysis system installations has been constantly increasing. In order to offer faster factory certified service to Papertech”s European customers, a partnership with Roptec® GmbH was made at the end of last year that will now provide complete service support for all WebVision®, WebInspector® and TotalVision systems .

For European Papertech customers, this means that qualified engineers and technicians are quickly on-site to take care of maintenance and repairs. Furthermore, the supply of spare parts can now be handled much faster since many parts are available right from Stolberg, thus time consuming clearing formalities can be avoided within the EU. In addition, Roptec® operates a service workshop where system components can be fixed without having to be sent back to Papertech.

Roptec® offers complete project management, from pre-engineering, to installation and commissioning, up to the final acceptance as well as any after sales services. The company is now the local European contact concerning all service aspects, working closely with Papertech”s own European management and sales personnel. Besides the services offered, Roptec® also provides technical consulting on-site, such as guidance on how to upgrade existing web break and inspection systems of various manufacturers as well as information on best modification- and add-on opportunities.

Frank Rossbruch, General Manager of Roptec®, has been working for over a decade within the web- and sheet industry and understands the importance of fast service to its customers. Many Papertech customers are already familiar with Roptec® as Papertech and Roptec® have already been in close cooperation for over two years.?

About Roptec®

Roptec® designs and realizes solutions for process control and optimization with machine vision technologies from the first idea to a successful implementation.

The company, founded in 2009, is specialized in optical quality control for industries with high material throughput, high process velocity and difficult operating conditions such as in paper, tissue and board production, but also printing industry and packaging and bottling plants for the food and pharmaceutical industry.

Roptec® can look back on a long lasting experience in industrial machine vision technologies, especially for surface inspection and high-speed recording.

Moreover, Roptec® represents North American companies for industrial machine vision technologies on the European market.

About Papertech Inc.

Papertech Inc., founded in 1992, is the pioneer of high speed camera technology for paper machine optimization and troubleshooting. Today Papertech is the most experienced and widely used supplier of digital event capturing camera technology in the paper industry. The advanced WebVision®Digital system, together with the WebInspector®, offer papermakers a comprehensive TotalVision? platform, the fastest and most complete way of solving breaks and other quality related defect issues. The applications now span all paper and tissue grades, various converting operations, as well as steel, nonwoven and other industries. There are now over 600 WebVision systems in 34 countries.
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Roptec GmbH
Frank Rossbruch, Managing Director
Am Wimblech 57
52224 Stolberg/Germany

Regina Reinhardt
Süsterfeldstraße 83
52072 Aachen/Germany

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