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In early 2011, cundus AG executive Gotthard Tischner began planning and developing a mobile reporting solution that would meet the needs of top managers – an application we now know as cundus cNews. “In their dynamic daily lives, top managers need one thing above all to make fast, sound decisions. And that”s mobile, network-independent access to up-to-date business information,” Tischner asserts. “Mobile devices, like Apple”s iPad, are now seeing widespread use and offering the ideal user experience for realizing our vision.”
Recently, the app”s resonance with customers has not been the only proof of cundus”s extraordinary success in doing just that. The committee tasked with evaluating the many applications submitted in the mobility competition at the 2012 SAP Partner Appiade awarded second place to cundus cNews. Here, it was the app”s intuitive user interface, clear design, and avoidance of excessive gimmickry that made it stand out. The obvious utility it provides shows that cundus has its finger on the current pulse and knows what its target group needs. By giving executives a tool they can use to conduct prepared and interactive analyses, make comments, and pose questions, cundus cNews facilitates productive collaboration in the field of management reporting. From a business perspective, cundus cNews enables companies to get started in mobile reporting right away – without costly investments in infrastructure and reporting processes. Thanks to its seamless integration of Web browser functions and access to other apps (such as SAP BusinessObjects Mobile), the app also provides a convenient, user-friendly introduction to routine top-down analysis.
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About cundus AG
Headquartered in Duisburg, Germany, cundus AG is one of the leading providers of business intelligence solutions and corporate performance management in the German market. The company”s international customer base includes nearly 20 DAX-listed organizations, other major clients, and an array of renowned businesses in the upper midmarket. cundus AG and its 200-plus employees offer holistic consulting services throughout the entire business intelligence life cycle – from strategy and conception to implementation and system operations. In addition to its locations in Duisburg, Frankfurt am Main, and Munich, the company has offices in Zürich; Basel; London; Washington, D.C.; and Toronto.

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