Installation Technology of Plant Walls

Generally speaking, plant walls include ecological plant walls and artificial plant walls.

The artificial plant wall is a wall that is decorated with artificial plants with high simulation. People take advantage of similarity of artificial plants and real plants to obtain an effect of plant walls or an effect which can not be achieved by real plants. The real plant wall needs to be designed according to the habit and the variety of the plant, while artificial plant wall doesn’t. Compared with the real plant wall, the artificial plant wall has lower costs and more effects.

green wall is a wall covered with greenery. We take advantage of plant roots being adapted for the environment to make plants grow on the vertical wall. Usually, installing a lamp which is suitable for growth of plants on the top of the green wall will make the green wall more beautiful.

Currently, there are two kinds of installation technologies of green walls in China. One is a green wall with a framework, the other is without a framework.

1. Green walls without frameworks
Green walls without frameworks adopt a flexible material, and they can be directly installed on brick walls, concrete walls, wooden walls, etc. Green walls without frameworks have advantages of having no frameworks, natural landscape, low maintenance costs, being ultra thin, ultra light, flexible and convenient.

2. Green walls with frameworks
A framework is laid out on the original wall. The framework should be stick to the wall or parallelly laid out on the wall, with a distance of 5 to 10cm. Then, put flowerpots with plants into the framework. The advantage of this kind of technology is that it is more convenient to replace the plant. However, the disadvantage is that the framework must be fixed on the wall, and the framework will easily rust and fall off, causing hidden danger after a long time. Therefore, a green wall without a framework is better.

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