Empelor Establishes Branch in Crete, the Security Center of the EU

Dr. Papagrigoriou, the CEO of Empelor, who has become well-known in the past decades with regard to mobile security technologies and especially as the inventor of the so-called “Merkel-Phone”, is going to move most of Empelor”s development activities to Greece, thus creating a “win-win-situation” by using the local potential of highly-skilled IT-specialists, and by contributing at the same time to putting a stop to the ongoing emigration of skilled specialists from Greece. Dr. Papagrigoriou, grown up as a child of Greek parents in Germany, expressed the opinion that “specialized professionals should not be forced to leave their country, but should be given a perspective in their own cultural context and environment”.

The choice of Iraklion on the island of Crete was not only driven by the fact that there is a local university offering courses of studies in computer science as well as one of the most renowned research centers of international reputation (FORTH) with an important institute of computer science, but also by the presence of the “European Network and Information Security Agency” (ENISA), EU”s response to cyber security issues of the European Union.

According to the head of Empelor”s branch office in Crete, Erich Leisch, the firm will be able to recruit qualified personnel for its development team locally, and to closely follow all relevant development and standardization efforts in the field of secure networking.

EMPELOR brings with it a profound and long-time experience in the ICT markets and has proven its capability to develop successful products and solutions which result in higher levels of security and ease-of-use for mobile communication devices. When it comes to deciding how to make highly efficient and future-proof use of a full spectrum of mobile communication, Empelor GmbH with its comprehensive service portfolio is the firm to talk to. Enabling to maximize benefits from established ways of mobile communication is one of Empelor?s greatest assets. We do this by optimizing and securing a solid framework which will serve as a foundation for evolutionary mobile communication to be fine-tuned into a customized networking platform.

Paschalis Papagrigoriou
Gubelstrasse 12
6300 Zug

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